Casamania Horme

Material: Veneered MDF and Paint
Size: Various Dimensions
Date: 2014

Design Assistance by Matej Brzý
Photos by Greta Brandt and Casamania

Awards, Exhibitions and Publishings:
Fluid Forces Exhibition/Venice Design Week 2016

A Century of Colour in Design, Thames & Hudson 2020,
Edited by David Harrison

The 'Color Fall' concept is derived from the observation of the power of color in esthetic. The change of an object from one color or tone to another can shift a visual as the sky turning from day to night.

The idea was to illustrate not just the use of one color or another but the strength of color as a whole. To do this, one of the most basic indications of a color, the colored line, was used. The format of the colored line was then manipulated to express the strength of united color without focusing on one color in particular. The effect was to be more of a mood, an emotion or just transmit an energy.

 This result was then packaged in the a basic element of the interior, the shelf. Typically designed using its structure to create visual interest or muted to become an anonymous part of the interior, the 'Color Fall' shelf is used as a canvas to transmit it the mood of color.

The name 'Color Fall' reflects the idea of the shelf creating the mood of a surge of color 'falling' and engaging with the interior volume, other elements within the space, and its inhabitants.