Wallpaper* Handmade

Material: Copper, Marble
Size: 350 mm x 350 mm x 200 mm
Date: 2015
Studio Photos by Greta Brandt

When Lauren Ho, Wallpaper* Magazine's Travel Editor, rst approached me with the idea to try to explore its esthetics of a 'food warmer', I honestly found it daunting.

After taking some moments to wrap my head around the idea and, a few failed attempts to convince Lauren to pursue another direction, the only approach seemed to be 'keep it simple'. Simple but, with a twist away from the typical utilitarian, factory engineered, 'food warmer' esthetic.

While researching traditional 'food warmers' and basic 'on the table' methods of keeping food warm, I realized a wealth of approaches to this object from highly ornamented, to the basic hand wrought utensil. However, despite the visual diversity of the warmers, to me they all had a strong connection to the concept of cooking over an open flame. This eureka moment led to a deconstruction of the food warmer into basic and almost symbolic elements. is return to the basics also prompted my decision to work with one of the most fundamental materials of kitchenware and cooking_copper.

Without a second thought, I enlisted help from Segno Italiano, to execute and develop this project_a company renown for its attention to craft. (Although first time collaborators we had known of each other for some time and had a mutual respect for our outlook on quality and design) As the project developed, it seemed natural to pull in elements of Segno Italiano's material vocabulary. Hand wrought textures; mirror-polished copper surfaces and multi-colored solids of hewn marble, all combined by skilled craftsmen in the truest sense.

Visiting the craftsmen, allowed the richness of the project to grow beyond its formal qualities and a deeper story started to unfold. e workshop was nestled deep in a valley, where since 1647 copper has been transformed to suit a wide range of man's needs, especially for food and drink. The resulting 'Scaldavivande' harnesses the above elements to contrast a hint of crudeness
with material opulence. Comprised of three sections: three-legged marble base, heating unit and container. e unit assembles easily without complicated fasteners, presenting the food warmer as a complete service including serving spoon and spoon rest.

Uncomplicated, pure and made with as much passion as the food being served.