Swing Gallery Benevento

Material: Colored Mirror, MDF
Size: 2340 mm x 880 mm, 1890 mm x 880 mm
Date: 2014
Studio Photos by Greta Brandt

This project was guided by the commission to again explore mirror in a context where the mirror was dependent on the vertical plain of the wall.

The project developed from research in the role of mirrors in common settings. It is a contrast to the role of mirror in the cladding technique explored in previous projects which creating the 'Crate Collection' that merged a crude adhoc idea of wood work with a the mottled colors and textures of hand colored mirror.

Typically in these instances the mirror is seen first as useful reflective surface and then decorated around it's perimeter. Alternatively the mirror is used as a canvas and decorated leaving again a utility surface for participant to view themselves.

This iteration of the mirror on the vertical plain is used to understand the mirror'sphysical connection to the wall in various ways and dissolve their interdependency.The idea of the mirrors mounting is challenged by using a fixed post to support the mirrored composition. This allows the wall to be seen as no more than a complimentary back drop to the mirror. It reinforces the idea of context but nothing else about the object.

The composition itself is a set configuration of a number of possible combinations of the mirror basic elements. The basic elements are designed to create a visual feeling of fluidity along the horizontal plan and at the same time suggest a gravitational influence. By not being circumscribed the mirror is given freedom to be seen as an independent freeform element confined only by the volume and borders of the interior which it inhabits.