SAMSUNG QLED TV Stand Design Competition X DEZEEN

Material: Textile, Metal and Plastic
Size: Varied
Date: 2017

Design Assistance by Nicola Bonriposi

The LIMBO concept developed for the SAMSUNG QLED TV Stand Design Competition X DEZEEN softens the feeling of the TV in the interior and to increase the importance of the TV as a essential element in the modern interior as a whole.

The possibilities for LIMBO to be used to engage the program of an interior space allowing its users to interact with both the TV and the TV stand. This flexibility combined with the aesthetic advantage that the LIMBO design is intended to be viewed from front as well as from the back makes the LIMBO perfect for residential and commercial scenarios that require the TV to be part of an active environment. Whether positioned away from the wall to create a subtle division of space in an urban loft or located discretely in a nook of a family home, the fabric creates a backdrop for your focus.