Material: Metal, PE
Size: Various Dimensions
Date: 2017

Design Collaborator Eric Berg Kreider
Photos by Greta Brandt

The Tint project studies the relationship between the surface and what lies beneath. Through the development of a unique process, a new material format has been created that contrast the idea of a sub-structure and skin.

Using processing to give nobility to a simple material resulted in a eureka moment. The materials themselves revealed a format that created new potential for both the visual and the structural characteristics of either material used independently. Through the ability to express with equal strength haptic and structural qualities, the material format of Tint presents the opportunity to create an intimacy between the typicall structural forms and a tactile experience.

Tint was born to celebrate this discovery. The first objects in tint introduce the format of the new material and highlight the esthetic direction that will guide future explorations.

Transparency and flexibility meet structure and rigidity.