Fuori Salone

Material: Laser Sintering, Manipulated Cellulose
Size: Various
Date: 2014

Studio Photos by Greta Brandt

VUOTO (FARE)_ (Abridged Project Description)

When fasting, the struggle is not only physical but also mental.
In many cases the benefits of fasting are not empirical. Typically, the focal point of the fasting process relies heavily on the  participant’s 'will power', and often the premature breaking of the fasting ritual/ process is accompanied by reduced self-esteem
and /or a self-imposed guilt.

With the understanding that fasting means to deny one's self of necessary sustenance, one also must examine what it means to consume sustenance.

The concept of (Fare) is a branded meal product intended for consumption during most types of fasting rituals. This product presents its edible contents as a meal substitute that esthetically echoes and exemplifies the emotional/ spiritual context of the fast. (Fare) provides the faster a reverent way to enjoy in solitude or, share with others the emotional, social and psychological aspects (via procedural memory and conditioned behavior) of the eating ritual

(Fare) consists of a three-part meal and optional beverage (depending on parameters of the fast) Each course is comprised of a different format of cellulose, which is intended to present the eater with a pleasantly sensual culinary texture. With no taste, smell or nutritional value the (Fare) meal allows enjoyment of eating, during the fasting process, without demur.