Anitque Mirror Srl

Responsibilties: Branding and Identity, Environmental Design, Product Development, Marketing Strategy
Date: 2012

Design Assistance by Matej Brzý
Photos by Greta Brandt

The ‘Sticks and Mirrors” concept, which later branded as the ‘Crate Collection’*, stems from a seasonal object presentation in Milan created by garth roberts for the concept space VERGER. The presentation previewed the extension of ideas from garth’s previous object interpretations that incorporated a custom coloured mirror product developed by the Tuscan custom glass company Antique Mirror.

As creative director at large for the collection, garth was tasked to consult on the product development, as well as bring focus to the branding, promotion, and marketing aspects of the collection.

*(The collection was comprised of 28+ items ranging in price from 24€ - 3500€ retail.)