Mabeo Furniture

Resonsibilties: Branding and Identity, Environmental Design, Product Development, Marketing Strategy
Date: 2010

Photos by Greta Brandt

garth™‘s collaboration with Mabeo began in 2009 upon an introduction by Patricia Urquiola to the owner Peter Mabeo

In this collaboration the initial steps taken were not design product, but focused primaril on creative direction and ways to solidify the unique identity of this developing brand. With a systematic design approach garth created systems for presentation, ranging from printed material to exhibitions ,which naturally, were followed by distinctive dynamic designs. These works where not only intended to align with the esthetic principles of the high-end furniture market, but also the cultural, social philosophies of the Mabeo brand

Mabeo is a furniture and accessories brand from Botswana, Africa with a global and
local focus. It is a result of over 10 years of making bespoke furniture for commercial
projects locally. Mabeo has engaged the design world consistently since its 2006
international product launch.

The aim of the brand is to make the work of African artisans available to the world in
a considered way, through thoughtful collaboration with the best international designers Good design, high quality, craftsmanship, use of sustainable materials, culture, people and community development are the main tenets of the brand.

Effort is made to not only embody Mabeo’s ideals in just words, but in the approach,
the way of working and in the products made. This has resulted in a universal aestheti language that communicates certain qualities: an essential simplicity of form, an idea
of purity, the conscientious use and handling of natural materials, the dedication of the craftsmen and women, and the sensitivity of the collaborating designer with a
reverence to the rich aesthetic heritage of Africa and its people.