Alhambra, Berlin

Date: 2019

Photos by Ragnar Schmuck
Styling by Christian Kleemann
Project Partners | Design Adorno, AD Germany, William Bagnoli,
Project Partners | Art Wentrup Gallery, ChertLüdde Gallery, Rory Kirk Duncan

The ‘Windows Of Design’ and ‘Windows Of Art’ projects use physical retail presence to drive digital programs and the post-COVID IRL retail recovery, by thinking of retail windows as an analog gateway between your digital and physical brand presence.

During the COVID restrictions, consumers had a strong desire to get outdoors. Although the gradual lifting of the restrictions is pending, the return of foot traffic to any retail spaces will be gradual. This shift in consumer interaction puts a larger emphasis on the esthetics of facades and effective window display presentations.

To use this situation to advantage, street-level window presentations were usd to leverage social and virtual brand presence.

Disrupts the traditional methods of retail and offer clients a more connected and unique experience. The “Windows of Design” project, curated by Roberts, has showcased pieces from talented local artists and designers as the space nears its launch. In line with the aims of BERLINDESIGNCLUB, the first exhibition ‘LOCAL HEROES’ explores the unique identity and interconnected character of the Berlin design scene.

The second feature ‘SPECIAL GUEST’ highlights the national design character of Germany’s diverse design culture, both old and new.

The third edition ‘YIN & YANG’ expands the selection of designers beyond the German borders, highlighting contemporary interior and collectible design.